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There are more than a few ambulatory surgery programs that have become burdened with overwhelming overhead expenses, especially when it comes to proper apparel and inventory management in the workplace. As a solution, many of these programs have opted for controlled dispensing of scrubs and other apparel. Surprisingly, though, there are many expenses that can go along with dispensing scrubs. Is there a solution? Of course there is, and it comes in the form of ScrubTrak.

Deciding if Scrub Vending Machines Are Right For Your Health Care Facility?

IDS-Solution scrubtrack scrub vending machineAre your hospital employees required to wear scrubs? If yes, then a vending machine which dispenses all different types of scrubs will likely do very well in your office. For medical centers that do require scrubs, ScrubTrak provides your workers with the ability to purchase or rent scrubs out of a vending machine which can boost employee morale as well as productivity levels; this in return can lead to better patient care.

With ScrubTrak, your medical office will enjoy a quality solution to inventory shrinkage in relation to uniforms and scrubs. You can have your ScrubTrak machine customized to meet your specifications. For instance, you can have it set up so that each employee can rent two pairs of scrubs for free. For each additional pair that they want, they will need to return one of the free pairs. If they don’t have a free pair to return, they will have to pay for any additional scrub rentals.

Another excellent feature of ScrubTrak is that scrubs can be separated by color and size, making it exceptionally simple to rent or purchase a pair of scrubs. And with a return slot, the typical scrub return area is no longer needed, giving you optimal space to treat even more patients.

To learn more about ScrubTrak and the many advantageous features that it offers, contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions today. We offer a variety of vending options that are ideal for any healthcare setting, including ScrubTrak, healthy vending machines, and even retail vending. We take the headache out of vending contracts, making sure that you aren’t hit with any surprises. We are here to exceed your expectations by providing you with today’s latest vending technology.


farmer's fridge marriottWhen it comes to traveling, most of us are familiar with hotel vending machines. From a bag of chips to a chocolate candy bar, we’ve all ended up in our hotel rooms eating a rather unhealthy vending machine dinner choice. What if vending machines offered healthier options, though? Would you be more prone to frequent them? Probably, and this is exactly what Anjana Kallarackal thought when she submitted the idea to Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly campaign.

What about you? Are looking for a way to offer your customers or employees with better vending options? If so, you should definitely take advantage of today’s healthy vending machines. Take for instance that you’re operating a hotel. By offering your guests with vending options that include fresh salads, fresh fruits and veggies, and even freshly cooked meats, they will be much more likely to have dinner in their rooms or in the lounge area. More importantly, they will greatly appreciate that you care about their nutrition. In return, this will boost guest loyalty.

Healthy vending machines also make for an excellent way to impress your employees. Instead of them having to go out for lunch each day, they can purchase healthy foods right in the office. Being that they won’t have to go out for lunch, they will have more time to socialize with other employees, which will lead to a boost in employee morale. Offering healthy vending options to your workers will also help maintain low-rates of employee turnover. Workers will be able to see for themselves that you truly care about their health and well-being.

No matter the industry that your company operates in, it can benefit from healthy vending machines. From courthouse vending areas to daycare centers, everyone loves having access to healthier foods. Keep in mind that when offering healthy vending options, your vending machines need to be working top-notch. The heating and cooling of fresh items is extremely important, meaning you may need to invest in a higher-quality machine. With Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, you can rest assured that all of your vending machine-related matters will be attended to in the most appropriate manner. From maintenance to stocking, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is your go-to healthy food vending service provider.


If you’re on a college campus and are frantically running from one building to another to make it to your next class on time, it’s natural to want something to drink to quench your thirst. You may turn to the nearest vending machine as a solution thanks to the efficiency and convenience that it brings to the table. What if you wanted a nice, cold bottle of water and were only greeted by sugary sodas that you had no interest in? What if this was the result of your college campus taking the unusual step of banning bottled water altogether? What would happen next?

A new study published by the American Journal of Public Health seeks to answer that very question. According to the study, restricting access to bottled water on college campuses actually statistically increases the consumption of less healthy beverages. Another side effect is that the ban increases the amount of plastic waste that a college campus has to deal with at the same time.

The study, which is appropriately called “The Unintended Consequences of Changes in Beverage Options and the Removal of Bottled Water on a University Campus,” closely tracked vending machine activity after the University of Vermont banned all bottled water sales on its campus. Not surprisingly, other unhealthy alternatives to water saw a 25 percent increase in sales almost immediately. At the same time, there was an astounding 8.5 percent increase in the total amount of plastic waste that then had to be dealt with by university officials.

Ironically, the purpose of the University of Vermont’s ban was not to spike the sales of sugary drinks at all. College officials report that they originally just wanted to encourage students to bring their own reusable water bottles that they could then fill with tap water from drinking fountains located all over campus. The university even went to the trouble of retrofitting 68 water fountains across the area to make it more convenient to use them with reusable water bottles, making it all the more interesting that the opposite effect seems to have occurred.

The International Bottled Water Association has long maintained that the restriction of bottled water will absolutely lead to the increased consumption of less healthy beverages and an increased creation of waste that must then be dealt with. Thanks to the AJPH, these findings have been confirmed in a way that is difficult to argue with. For many people, the choice between cold, healthy bottled water and an unhealthy soda alternative isn’t really a choice at all.


First Lady Michelle Obama and students from across the country who participate in the ten "Let’s Move!" sub-initiative programs, eat the food they have prepared during a White House Kitchen Garden harvest event in the East Room of the White House, June 3, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

First Lady Michelle Obama and students from across the country who participate in the ten “Let’s Move!” sub-initiative programs, eat the food they have prepared during a White House Kitchen Garden harvest event in the East Room of the White House, June 3, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Childhood obesity rates have leveled off and among some populations are starting to decline. This is good news after decades of steadily rising rates of obesity among children and teens in the United States.

Popular campaigns like the Alliance for a Healthier Generation sponsored by the Clinton Foundation and American Heart Foundation, Let’s Move sponsored by First Lady Michelle Obama, and the NFL’s Play 60, are working to help parents, children, and schools to make better decisions regarding food choices and activity.

Prior to these campaigns, school cafeterias served fried foods, high carbohydrate sides, and sugary desserts. If that weren’t enough, students in the 1990’s could easily find a vending machine loaded with sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks. Students had difficulty making good choices simply because healthy foods weren’t being offered.

Thankfully, these campaigns are making a difference. School cafeterias offer more fresh fruits and vegetables to the students at lunch. Some have transformed grass into thriving school gardens where students learn to cultivate the Earth, grow fresh produce and consume what they grow.

In addition, the traditional vending machine has been replaced. Companies like Intelligent Dispensing Solutions have created school vending machines that dispense healthy fare such as low-fat milk, bottled water, and fresh vegetable and fruit solutions. For schools, machines like this are a win-win combination. Students have easy access to quality foods and the machines automate inventory and IDS’ IQ software technology syncs the machine with the requirements of the Federal Free and Reduced Meal program.

No campaign can create widespread change overnight; however, as these initiatives have continued to pick up steam, long-term change seems to be happening. Finally, we have some good news about childhood obesity.

Visit Intelligent Dispensing Solutions for unique solutions for school and fitness center vending machines. Whether the machines are dispensing healthy foods or material goods such as towels or earbuds, IDS’s IQ technology keeps your sales records secure and up to date, while the machine prevents theft and automates the sale process freeing your employees to attend to other tasks.

main-get-fit-work-dont-fear-the-vending-machine_0Many people still picture vending machines as units filled with snacks, sodas or other unhealthy items. Not only is this an antiquated idea at this point, but in today’s modern society it actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many healthcare facilities are using vending machines to dispense medical supplies and other items, for example. Even gyms are getting in on the fun, with vending machines filled with the types of healthy items necessary to compliment a great workout. If you’re looking to add a vending machine to your gym, however, it’s just as important to know what you should NOT stock as it is knowing what you should.

Items to Avoid

Out of all the items that you should avoid in your gym vending machine, honey buns, cinnamon rolls and more may be the worst. While they make make sense, especially if you’re trying to consider those early morning fitness gurus in search of a good breakfast, some of them have as many calories as you would get in an entire meal.

Doritos and other types of flavored snacks should also likely be avoided, but not necessarily for the reason you might think. While these snacks don’t necessarily have a huge amount of calories, they are also low in fiber and high in salt – a combination that people working out absolutely do not need.

Items to Embrace

Dry fruit is a great option for putting in your gym vending machine for a very simple reason: they’re high in the types of fiber and vitamins that people working out need at that period of time. Microwave popcorn is also a great option to put in these vending machines as it is high in fiber and antioxidants.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

If you’re looking for the perfect vending machine to compliment your gym, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions has a wide range of different options that are up to the challenge. Not only can you install vending machines to dispense everything from sports drinks to weight gloves, but these solutions also allow you to cut back on the amount of staff that is required to work in your gym overnight. Not only will your patrons be happy, but you can save a significant amount of money at the same time.

A vending machine no longer has to be just for chips, candy, soda and other unhealthy items. Gyms all over the world are proving that they’re also a great way to make sure that your customers have access to all of the items that they need after a terrific workout. By understanding which items you should be avoiding in your gym vending machine, you’ll go a long way towards making sure that you’re always giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for at all times.

senate03_MathewBurciaga-1050x695Seeing vending machines on campus is nothing new for college students. Coffee, soft drinks, water, snacks, and even pre-made sandwiches are just a few push buttons away. A new resolution before the University of California Santa Barbara student Senate would re-establish school supply vending machines on campus.

The proposed bill, A Resolution to Re-Establish the School Supply Vending Machines Group Projects, was authored by student Senators Isabelle Ninh and Lacy Wright. The proposed legislation before the campus’ 2015-2016 student government would place test supply vending machines in the campus’ Pardall Center. Initially, the vending machine would dispense test supplies such as blue books, Parscores, and other testing materials.

Senator Matthew Santos first pitched the idea to the 2014-2015 student Senate. He, along with Senators Ninh and Wright will be responsible for monitoring the machine inventory, making changes to meet student needs, and determining what should be done with the revenue. According to Santos, Students would benefit from the machine in more than just having handy blue books. He would like to see the revenue to toward offsetting student fees. In particular, Santos proposed, “…we want the money to go to the AS Innovation Fund, which has the purpose of offsetting student fees through the generated interest.”

If the resolution is successful, UC Santa Barbara will join other universities, such as Penn State, in making life for their students a little easier by offering school supplies to their students around the clock. These automated machines dispense a wide variety of school supplies and can be linked to student debit accounts or can accept traditional credit cards and/or cash.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions specializes in these unique types of vending machines. Our office and school vending machines can be customized to meet any need that you have. With our iQ Technology, you will rest easy in the assurance that your customer data is safe while receiving up to the minute sales data that will help you make important decisions about inventory and generate additional income.

Photo Credit: Photo by Mathew Burciaga, Layout Editor

deluxeThe very nature of the retail experience has been changing dramatically over the last several years. Even as recently as 15 years ago, you essentially had one option if you wanted a particular item – you left your house, got in your car and drove to the nearest appropriate store. The Internet changed all that and made it easier than ever to get items delivered right to your home with no car trip necessary. Now, a new type of vending machine solution is poised to take things one step farther by offering a huge range of different items that you wouldn’t normally find in these machines.

When you think about vending machines and the products inside them, you probably call to mind images of potato chips, soft drinks and candy. Items like designer handbags, cupcakes and children’s toys probably don’t fit your mental image of what a vending machine is capable of. The city of Toronto is working hard to challenge your perception, however, by installing a wide range of high tech machines around the city.

Deluxe vending machines are already popping up all over the Toronto area stocked with items like novels, beauty products, clothing and more. These items are strategically located in some of the busiest areas of the city, making them ideal for both tourists and residents alike.

These types of vending machine solutions are truly taking the automated retail experience to the next level. In addition to the fact that they’re already starting to sell the types of items that you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a vending machine, they’re also playing music and even the latest Hollywood blockbuster in an attempt to attract the attention of everyone who passes by.

The retail experience is one that is in a constant state of flux that started with the advent of the Internet. Now that vending machine solutions are automating the retail experience even further, it will be truly interesting to see what consumer shopping looks like five, ten or even fifteen years from now. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will be there inventing and reinventing along the entire process.


Vending machines have long been one of the best ways to get a wide range of different products to consumers in a quick and efficient manner. Because of the automated nature of these solutions, however, security was always a primary concern. A vending machine representative or service technician isn’t necessarily going to check a particular unit every day, so it could be quite awhile before anyone even realizes that theft has occurred. Now, one industry leader is taking things to the next level by offering vending machine solutions with a focus on security above all else.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, a leading vending machine manufacturer and provider for both operators and businesses around the world, has released a new new line of office supply vending machines into the marketplace with a major emphasis on security. These machines let customers log in with their own user IDs and passwords to make a purchase. This adds a bold new level of accountability to the equation, as each purchase is always tied to a specific person. Management can then view these detailed records to help see who is participating in what types of activity at a moment’s notice. Keeping track of inventory and making sure that a machine stays secure has truly never been easier.

IQ Technology leverages the power of the cloud with inventory tracking to help provide an efficient solution that is intently focused on security at the same time.

IQ is an Internet-based software system, which means that business owners and vendors can access important diagnostic information about a particular vending machine from any device on the planet with an active Web connection. Business leaders can track current inventory levels, see who is checking out certain items, see when (or if) they’re being promptly returned and more. It’s a system that can be used to manage as many machines as necessary given the needs of a business, so long as each machine is connected to the Internet.

In addition to preventing theft, IQ-enabled solutions are also adept at preventing fraud. All transactions are 100% encrypted, so both consumers and business owners don’t have to worry about things like credit card fraud or identity theft when using these machines.

Thanks to the engineers and designers at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and similar companies all over the world, security concerns are now a thing of the past. Businesses can depend on vending machines to help with everything from inventory control to efficiency and productivity management, all without having to worry about theft and similar issues that were prominent in an era not too long passed.

custom vending machinesWe’ve all been there. It’s 3pm, you just ate a nice lunch at 12pm. But now the tiredness is creeping in and you are in need of a pick-me-up because even though you are tired, you still have that deadline to hit.

Somehow, the entire day just catches up with you and it’s a struggle to keep your eyes open and to not have your head smash into the keyboard. Taking a quick stroll around the office does nothing. If anything, it’ll make you even more sleepy.

The solution (besides a 4th cup of coffee)? Food. Food, especially anything with caffeine and sugar, will push you through the next two hours of work. Office vending machines are a simple solution to the food problem. Workers don’t have to waste time during the day to head to a store for refreshments. Instead, they can find the perfect snack in the break room. Of course, not all office vending machines have to be loaded with just candy bars and soda. You can choose a mix of healthy items and treats to keep you and the rest of the office happy and, most importantly, awake.

Visit Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to learn more about office vending machines and don’t let the “3 pm sleepies” keep you from getting your work done and hitting that deadline.


April 20-25, 2015, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will place one of their newest creations on display to firefighters and EMS personnel during the FDIC International Conference. For ages, first responders and medical staff have faced a common problem in the course of duty; how to properly store and secure supplies, especially supplies classified as controlled substances by the FDA. Furthermore, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will launch ScrubTrak medical vending machines for greater control and accessibility to scrubs throughout a variety of medical settings.


healthcare vending machineIn most medical settings, all staff have access to scrub supply rooms, which results in many pairs of scrubs being taken, used, or even thrown away without accountability. ScrubTrak enables managers to control which employees have access to scrubs, how many pairs may be checked out at one time, and the current inventory of the EMS vending machine.

ScrubTrak Knows Who Gets Scrubs

ScrubTrak can be set to identify who accesses the machine through the use of personalized pin codes, mag stripes, or a unique barcode.

Multiple Locations

In traditional scrub storage locations, staff would be faced with ensuring enough scrubs are in stock with respect to sizes, styles, and staffing needs. In addition, most facilities keep scrubs in one central location for each unit. ScrubTrak allows managers to use multiple machines and control inventory from one central location without the need to physically count numbers of scrubs each day. The data for inventory control is kept in a central, cloud-based operating system as well.

Inventory Control

ScrubTrak functions as a specialized form of inventory control as well. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions notes that this vending machine can be customized to keep track of all inventories and applies to the following situations in addition to ScrubTrak software.

Controlled Medications

Managers must keep track of current inventory of controlled medications within medical facilities.  However, this often involves multiple staff used to count medication numbers multiple times throughout the day. Furthermore, a low supply can result in many patients being in pain or unable to be cared for properly.  In some cases, such as different level staff, staff may be granted access to certain medications while others are not. For example, a Licensed Practical Nurse will be unable to access medications required to be dispensed by a Registered Nurse.

Medical Supplies

Aside from medications, the use of medical supplies represents one of the greatest costs medical facilities incur throughout the course of business. According to Health Services Research, supplies and devices accounted for 24.2% of costs resulting increased average cost of medical services. This occurs when staff do not properly document supplies used for patients. As a result, the medical facility tries to make up for these costs through increased costs. Our systems track what was removed and which staff member removed supplies. Furthermore, it can be programmed to track which patient each supply is for.

As Intelligent Dispensing Solutions moves forward with greater inventory control through the use of medical vending machines, more medical facilities will face the challenge of ensuring optimum operational efficiency. Ultimately, managers and supervisory staff will have the chance to see first-hand how IDS vending machines will save them time and money at the FDIC International Conference this month.