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Hospitals have a lot of supplies to keep track of, and that means a lot of manpower and resources are needed to help manage them. Incorporating a vending-based inventory control system can help hospitals distribute medicines, scrubs and other supplies securely without the need for additional staff or reams and reams of paperwork.

IDS offers vending machines designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare facilities looking for innovative, cost-effective inventory solutions.

Medical Vending Solutions


Each machine uses unique personal identification numbers (PINs) or encrypted ID cards to keep track of who’s using supplies so you can avoid the shrinkage problems that plague many hospitals today. Using specific ID data also helps you control the way items are dispensed by allowing you to restrict access based on the ID provided.  

For hospital personnel, there’s no need to wait for supply room staff to get the supplies they need. Supplies can be dispensed at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Our ScrubTrak vending machine doesn’t just dispense scrubs securely – it also provides a convenient drop-off feature so used scrubs are safely corralled until it’s time to clean them.

Inventory solutions don’t have to be complicated. Today’s vending systems can help hospitals gain efficiency while cutting costs so they can focus more of their resources on caring for the patients they serve.

Attendees at this year’s SXSW festival got a chance to try out treats from a very unusual custom vending machine. A pair of machines that made 3D printed Oreos were in the brand’s Oreo Trending Vending Lounge doling out a dozen different flavors and colors of cookies.

People could pick from a list of trending fillings and the machine would go to work. The flavors and colors were determined by Twitter trends such as #NYC and the Ellen selfie. Anyone who wanted to join the conversation was able to chime in under the tag #eatthetweet. The cookies were a success, with many users tweeting their pleasure at the high-tech treats. Each cookie was created in under two minutes. Custom Vending Machines

While machines that make cookies that change with social media trends are a fun novelty, there are many real-world applications for custom vending machines. These machines can be used for a wide range of applications from tracking office supply inventory to dispensing medical supplies. Looking for an easier way to manage a product or supplies? We have a wide range of vending machines for sale to meet your needs.

There are many customized vending machines around the world, but these four have to be a few of the wackiest ever:

custom vending machines

These vending machines cater to the super wealthy and dispense gold bars or coins. Patrons can pay for their gold either by cash or plastic, and the machine even uses an ID scanner and camera combo to prevent money laundering.

Share Happy Ice Cream Vending Machines:
This $20,000 vending machine takes a picture of patrons as they approach. If the patron is not smiling, the machine will alter the picture of the patron using mustaches, glasses, funny hats and bow ties to make them smile. Once the customer smiles, the machine will give out a free ice cream treat. The profit comes not from selling ice cream but from capturing and collecting images and valuable demographic information for promotional use. If customers are not “happy” about giving away their image, they can pay for their ice cream the old-fashioned way and keep their image to themselves.

Let’s Pizza:
This vending machine makes pizza from scratch in three minutes all while allowing patrons to watch as it mixes, kneads and spins the pizza dough into shape. After the shape has been formed, the machine adds sauce and toppings then cooks the pizza to perfection.

Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine:
This custom vending machine allows customers to smash fine china into powder. The effect smashing china has on patrons seems to calm the nerves and release anger.

There are many other wacky vending machines around the world, but the four listed above are perhaps the most unique.


Hospitals are busy places. The last thing anyone wants to focus on is organizing and monitoring inventory. Keeping track of everything from medications to supplies to scrubs is time consuming and labor intensive and uses a lot of resources to manage. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can make inventory management a lot simpler – and more cost-effective – by using vending machines with iQ technology. Thanks to these vending machines’ advanced, state-of-the-art technology, you can control how and when your supplies and medicines are dispensed. The iQ platform uses unique IDs that allow you to control your inventory by restricting access and providing real-time tracking.

healthcare vending machine

In addition to scrubs and other medical supplies, vending machines can be used to safely dispense controlled substances and other medicines. With iQ, all withdrawals are catalogued and time- and date-stamped, and dispensing can be controlled based on the authority level associated with the user’s ID. Learn more IDS medical vending solutions here.Because machines equipped with iQ are able to track who’s using what, they also serve as a powerful deterrent to theft and inventory shrinkage. Even managing supplies of scrubs is made easier with ScrubTrak, which is designed not only to dispense scrubs but also collect used scrubs for cleaning.

healthcare vending machine

Innovations transform the world and the way people live. One of those innovations, custom vending machines, have a long, varied and interesting history. history of vending machines

The first vending machine appeared in public in 1822. England bookseller Richard Carlile wanted to distribute political literature from
remote locations. To solve his problem, he developed a book-dispensing machine that operated via dial turn and accepted coins.

Other early vending machines dispensed apples and postcards. In American, the first items dispensed in 1888 included Tutti Fruity Gum. By the 1930s, customers could also buy Pepsi and Classic Coke directly from a convenient, coin operated machine.

Vending machines began accepting paper bills as payment in 1965. John Greenwick developed that technology, and future machines continue to be just as innovative. Consumers may pay with credit cards and smartphone apps now, and they can obtain more than beverages and snack foods. Today’s machines also distribute fishing bait, socks, toys, salads, hot foods and office supplies.

From the 1800s to today, evolving technology and innovative designs from vending machine manufacturers meet the practical needs consumers have. A custom vending machine remains an essential staple in many environments, including offices, as it provides convenient and versatile snack, meal and practical solutions.

Keeping track of your vending machines’ inventory is a vitally important part of maintaining strong sales: No one wants to see a half-stocked machine, and when an item is really popular, you want to make sure levels stay high so you can take advantage of that popularity.

There are three primary ways to handle inventory control:

Vending Machine

  • Go “old school” and track by hand: Grab that clipboard and pen and get to counting. Tracking by hand may have once been the standard, but by today’s standards, it’s tedious and an unproductive use of time.
  • Use a spreadsheet: Excel offers lots of customizability and it’s certainly more efficient than keeping track by hand. But this method still requires manual entry, and that means it can still be time-consuming.
  • Tap into inventory management technology: IDS’ iQ technology represents the most advanced inventory tracking system available for vending machine operators. iQ lets you track your inventory remotely from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – any device that has an Internet connection. You can even check the income from cashless machines that let customers use credit cards to securely make purchases.

Inventory control has come a long way in the last few years. Using a system like iQ lets vending business owners spend less time counting stock and more time building a successful vending business.

Vending machines have come a long way in recent years. For example, machines that were at one time used for food items only are now meeting a wide variety of

office vending machine

needs for corporate offices, garages, doctor’s offices, hospitals and many other locations all across America. A recent article featured on Bloomberg Businessweek highlighted a new cupcake vending machine and referenced other items such as fresh fruit and smoothies now found in many a custom vending machine today. Read below for one of our innovative uses of vending machine technology:

In an office, there are many wasted resources, which costs companies thousands of dollars each year. However, we now offer vending machines set up to provide flash drives, keyboards, pens, and anything else that an employee would need in an office setting. All an employee has to do is swipe a card, which allows employers to track who is using what. It also gives employees in need of office supplies instant access to them, meaning there is no reason to make a trip to the office supply store or call in IT.

Because the vending machine keeps track of who gets what out of the machine, there is greater accountability. As a result, many employers find they are saving a great deal of money because their employees no longer see office supplies as their personal property but instead consider them the property of their employer. This cuts down on waste significantly.

We hope you have been inspired by our innovative vending machine designs. Contact us for more information on retail vending.

Introducing Scrubtrak!

January 14th, 2014 | Posted by MarielF in custom vending machines - (0 Comments)

custom vending machinesWhen most people think of office vending machines, they usually think of drink or snack machines. However, at Intelligent Vending Solutions, they move beyond snacks and drinks and enter into the practical world of everyday office supplies. For example, one of their newest machines, the ScrubTrak is made especially for medical facilities and the professionals they employ.

The ScrubTrak machine will do the following:

  • Help medical professionals keep up with their scrub supply, freeing up time and energy for other more important matters.
  • Help reduce unauthorized inventory usage.
  • Ensure scrubs will always be available to techs, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals when they are needed.

Why medical facilities should utilize custom vending machines:
In the past, medical facilities have relied on a variety of resources and methods to ensure their employees are properly clothed in scrubs. The custom vending machine ScrubTrak, which is described above, proves invaluable in this task as it streamlines and organizes the process. No longer will new employees have to wait for scrubs to come in and no longer will there be a worry that unauthorized personal are partaking of an facility’s scrubs.

How these custom vending machines operate:
The intelligent dispensing solution is the technology that makes these vending machines different from others on the market. They keep track of inventory and give employees easy access to needed supplies. These machines also cut down on waste and help employers oversee their employee’s supply usage. In fact, these vending machines can help reduce inventory shrinkage by at least 25 percent.

vending machine manufacturersIntelligent Dispensing Solutions was among the vending machine manufacturers that debuted exciting new technologies at the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Expo. The event, which is held annually, features the latest retail technologies and solutions available to vendors of all trades. At the IDS booth, clients had the opportunity to see the ways that the company’s innovative machines could be used in a number of business settings. They could also witness how smart vending machines are opening up opportunities in a number of previously unexpected areas.

Alongside major retail brands, IDS demonstrated how in-house supply distribution can be made easier with a custom vending machine that allows workers to claim supplies ranging from pens and paper to replacement keyboard with the swipe of a card. This reduces shrinkage and the personnel hours that must be dedicated to ensuring that workers have the materials they need.

Moreover, professionals from health and wellness businesses were wowed by IDS’s new technologies which allow patients to purchase needed medications from carefully controlled machines. This innovation saves patients and professionals time while increasing compliance with prescriptions, additionally adding a new stream of revenue for many facilities.

Didn’t attend NRF but looking for ways to streamline supply processes or add new sources of revenue for your organization? Custom vending machines may be the solution you need.

vending machinesOne of the most prevalent reasons that a course of medication fails has nothing to do with which drugs are prescribed. Between 20 and 30 percent of prescriptions for medications are never filled, meaning that patients never receive the benefits of needed medications.

Many customers find a trip to a pharmacy inconvenient or even impossible due to transportation issues. But, next generation custom vending machines are making a difference in patients’ health. Prescription drug vending machines allow patients to access common needed medications right in your office after an appointment. Smart technology allows customers to input their prescriptions and payment and insurance information with the simple swipe of a card. They get their medications immediately, without having to make another stop or wait at a pharmacy. By making it easy to fill a prescription, you make it more likely that your patient will complete a course of medication to improve his or her health.

Doctors offices, hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities can all provide added services to patients with these custom vending machines. Talk to a representative at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions about whether a custom vending machine is right for your organization.