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old navy flip flop custom vending machine

There is no denying the power of social media. From kindergartners to grandparents, people all across the world are going online to share their lives and their interests. It is a wave that continues to rise and one that businesses of all types are attempting to take advantage of.

Old Navy Combines Custom Vending and Social Media

As a recent article from In Style notes, even vending machines are now part of the social media equation. Clothing company Old Navy decided to draw attention to its $1 flip-flop sale by dropping off custom vending machines in random places – machines that would dispense free flip-flops for a tweet. Interested consumers could keep track of these machines on Old Navy’s Twitter.

This effort by Old Navy demonstrates that such marketing avenues have true potential for businesses savvy enough to learn about and utilize social media platforms. Unfortunately, not all vending machine owners have million dollar marketing teams to come up with such interesting social media campaigns. For many owners the idea of marketing through social media may seem foreign and even intimidating.

However, there are companies working to make things easier. Fanwise offers a way for vending machine owners to create positive social media feedback in exchange for free products. More options like this are bound to appear as the desire for a social media presence grows among businesses.

Why Social Commerce Matters for Vending Machine Owners

Social media like Twitter and Facebook allow businesses to deliver interesting content and promotions to customers that want to be communicated with. If someone likes what a company is selling and chooses to connect with them through social media, the stage becomes set for ongoing interaction. This makes it easier to build your brand with customers and allows them to say positive things about your company. The more positive reviews and pervasive your brand becomes, the more profit you can expect to generate.

The best part about all of this is that it is free for companies to take advantage of. It may take some effort on the part of vending machine owners to find the right balance, but once they do they will have a new marketing channel that reliably delivers customers to their machines.

Fendi recently launched their new campaign and it revolves around.. haute couture vending machines.

As a custom vending machine company, we’ve always known how the possibilities are endless when it comes to vending products and supplies, but Fendi has taken it to a whole new level. The mastermind behind the new campaign is the famous fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld. It’s no wonder he’s replaced the contents of the typical vending machine with high-line purses as his distaste for junk food is well known.

The Fendi handbag vending machines can be spotted at the Fendi Roma store in Italy, Fendi SoHo Pop-up-Shop in NYC and at the official Fendi Flagship boutique in Paris.

Fendi Custom Vending Machine

Fendi Paris Flagship Boutique (source: Fendi instagram)

Fendi Custom Vending Machine in NYC SoHo Pop-Up-Shop

Fendi Custom Vending Machine in NYC SoHo Pop-Up-Shop (source: Fendi Pinterest)

Fendi Custom Vending Machine

Fendi Vending Machine on Display in Rome, Italy (source: Fendi Instagram)

We at IDS would like to wish you all a happy independence day with a flashback into the late 20th century. Pictured below, artist Mel Chin spiced up some American Flags and filled a vending machine with them. Commemorate our troops by purchasing your next machine from an all American Vending Machine Manufacturer. Give us a call today at 1877-771-4446


mel chin american flag vending machine


Vending machines sure have come a long way since they dispersed only cigarettes and sodas. In fact, New Balance and Westin Hotels recently partnered to offer New Balance shoes via a vending machine. In this particular case, the vending machine was set up to dispense, free of charge, 75 sets of New Balance running shoes–for one day only– in celebration of National Running Day.

Although giving away free New Balance shoes is not the typical use of a vending machine, the products that are sold or dispensed via vending machine are growing. For example, many offices have started utilizing vending machines as a way to dispense office supplies to their employees. It works great because the business owners can keep up with their office inventory, cutting down on waste while making sure the right quantity of products are available, and employees have immediate access to the supplies they need to do their jobs.

What will come next in the custom vending machine industry is anyone’s guess. However, it is apparent that the industry as a whole is expanding and evolving to accommodate the needs of today. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 877-771-4446.

Westin Hotels New Balance Custom Sneaker Vending Machine National Running Day 2014

(source: zimbio)

Recreational and Mediacal Marijuana Vending Machines


Recreational marijuana sales are climbing and naysayers are eating their predictions as crime rates continue to fall.

In March 2014 alone, Colorado sold almost $19 million in recreational weed, much of which reached customers via marijuana vending machines. Ten percent, or $1.9 million, goes directly toward building new Colorado schools. At this rate, the state will generate $30 million in taxes alone this year to improve public schools.

Now that marijuana possession is legal for the 21 and older crowd, police are focusing their efforts on more serious offenses. What’s impressive, though, is that crime is down 10.6 percent across the state. Perhaps the reason is because legal smokers now have less to be angry about and therefore less motivation to commit crimes. Does that mean that other states are soon to follow the lead? What do you think? Sound out in the comments below.

Summer means trips to the pool, water park, beach or other water-based entertainment.If you have kids, you know how easy it is to forget something crucial when you head to the water for a day of fun. But, as a vending machine owner, you can make sure that families have the items they need to enjoy their outing. Pools and other water-recreation spaces don’t just offer chances to sell sodas, chips and frozen novelties.

Savvy vendors can also provide customers with waterside necessities like sunscreen, swim caps, goggles and other items, such as books to read while sitting by the pool.

Custom vending machines offer a great deal of flexibility in the items you offer to make customers’ days out more enjoyable. We can create special machines in nearly any shape and size to fit the space available. Plus, machines can be custom skinned to fit the look and feel of your location or to showcase your brand. Machines can be fitted to dispense a wide range of poolside necessities. The self-service nature of the machines means that it’s easy for people to pick up the items that they need.

Credit card readers mean that even higher cost items can be offered to people who may not be carrying cash. And, with intelligent vending technology, inventory management is a snap; all sales are electronically recorded and can be viewed at a glance. This allows you to view sales and inventory remotely; this means fewer trips out to your machines. You need only go when it is time to collect cash proceeds and restock your inventory. Summer’s nearly here. This is the perfect time to increase your vending business earnings with poolside and water park custom vending machines. Talk to us today about a vending solution that is right for you.

Advanced Vending Technology

Modern vending machine technology has not yet reached the level seen on “The Jetsons” where machines woke, showered and shaved George and fixed meals instantaneously. However, today’s custom vending machines have certainly improved from the rudimentary machines of yesteryear. What vending machines will look like in 50 to 100 years is anyone’s guess, but it is fun to think about what kind of machines might be around during that time. Read below to learn what custom vending machines could look like in 50 to 100 years.

Scanning technology:
One way in which vending machine technology will likely change in the next 50 to 100 years is in the way customers pay for their product. Next Generation Vending and Food Service is currently experimenting with technology that will tie a credit card to a person’s thumbprint. This will give customers the ability to pay for products using nothing but their thumbprint. Paying via thumbprint represents just one of many possibilities when it comes to scanning technology in future retail vending.

New ways of personalizing products to customers:
Although it sounds hard to believe, one way that vending machine technology could change in the future is by making the tough decision between a candy bar or a bag of chips for customers. When using this machine of the future, customers will walk up to the vending machine, and facial recognition software will read their junk food desires and select the perfect snack for each person individually.

The vending machine technology listed above is just a small taste of the amazing designs that are yet to come in the next 50 to 100 years. In fact, some of the above technology is simply unbelievable. However, it is unlikely the past generations ever thought that many of today’s vending machines would be touch-screen operated or house a wide range of products from office supplies to sodas. Therefore, “unbelievable” is a wise goal for vending machine manufacturers.

Customers typically head to big, 24-hour Laundromats for their convenience, and you can make yours even more convenient with a custom vending machine. Custom vending machines that have single-use detergent options can benefit your customers as well as your business. Here’s how.

Less Hassle, More Convenience

Some Laundromats choose to sell single-use detergent from behind the front counter, which can be a hassle for employees as well as customers. Employees are not always stationed in that exact location, and they are often pulled away from other duties to run back to the front. An on-site vending machine also saves your customers the hassle of waiting in line or heading down the block to buy detergent from the nearest convenience store.

High Availability and Choices

Custom vending machines are available all night long, just like your 24-hour Laundromat, without the need to constantly man the machine or have an employee at the front counter.

Thanks to the different styles and sizing options of custom vending machines, you can personalize a machine that works specifically for your business. Choose from a variety of different laundry detergents, fabric softeners or other supplies to meet customer demands.

Easy Inventory Management

You no longer have to spend time and energy keeping track of the different type of laundry products you have in stock. Pick a machine equipped with iQ technology and the vending machine takes care of inventory control you. Instead of standing at the machine at reviewing the stock, iQ technology lets you log in to a your personal customer account and access information from its cloud-based system.

Custom vending machines not only deliver what your customers want when they want it, but they help keep your Laundromat business running seamlessly. Want to learn more about the vast options in custom vending? Give us a call at 1877-771-4446


Historical Vending Machine

The world of vending has evolved over years to include advances like remote monitoring and inventory control software; but, vending has a history far older than you might think. Custom vending machines may seem like a new technology; however, they are actually a very old invention. The first custom vending machine, in fact, was created in the first century AD by a Greek mathematician.

Hero of Alexandria, was responsible for many startling inventions. He created a heat-driven engine that could open and close heavy stone doors. He also devised many objects that were used in the city’s theaters, such as a device that raised and lowered curtains and another that would create thunder-like sound effects. But, one of his most useful inventions was a custom vending machine, which is described in his book “Mechanics and Optics.” Hero’s machine would dispense holy water when a coin was inserted into the machine. The coin would be inserted into a slot at the top of the machine, falling down onto a pan attached to a lever. The lever would open a valve that let water flow out until the coin fell completely off, closing the valve and ending the dispensing.

We want to take your business into the future of vending. Here at IDS, we offer a large selection of top of the line custom vending machines with remote inventory control, custom supplies dispensing and more. Give us a call for more information 1877-771-4446.

office vending machinesIf you do not know by now, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is all about creating custom vending machines. Part of it has to do with what is in the machine and the other half what is on the outside. In the inside of the machine you can dispense whatever you want, from industrial tools to clothing to USB cords. And to accommodate items that are not of the food and drink kind, you need a special design to dispense. But it is not just about the mechanism. You can fully design the machine to look however you want, just like the guys at Facebook did.

Besides bring you awesome custom vending machines, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is also proud to proclaim their machines energy efficient. After all, what’s the point of bringing you great innovation if it’s not going to be completely intuitive? With versatile configurations and machines that are more responsive and use better technology, there is no end to the dispensing possibilities. Best of all, the vending machines are guaranteed to make everyday life easier for your employees and to cut costs for your business.

Talk to a representative today and see what solutions you can come up with.