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custom vending machinesIt’s about that time again, 3 pm to be precise, when time seems to stand still and a wave of tiredness hits you like a ton of bricks. (It’s actually what I’m experiencing at this precise moment.) Somehow, the entire day just catches up with you and it’s a struggle to keep your eyes open and to not have your head smash into the keyboard. Taking a quick stroll around the office does nothing. If anything, it’ll make you even more sleepy.

The solution (besides a 4th cup of coffee)? Food. Food, especially anything with caffeine and sugar, will push you through the next two hours of work. Office vending machines are a simple solution to the food problem. Workers don’t have to waste time during the day to head to a store for refreshments. Instead, they can find the perfect snack in the break room. Of course, not all office vending machines have to be loaded with just candy bars and soda. You can choose a mix of healthy items and treats to keep you and the rest of the office happy and, most importantly, awake.

Visit Intelligent Dispensing Solutions to learn more about custom vending machines and don’t let the “3 pm sleepies” keep you from doing your work.

Healthy Vending Machines

October 4th, 2011 | Posted by DT in custom vending machines - (0 Comments)
vending machines

Hard boiled eggs in vending machines.

Public schools in New York have added a new item to their vending machines: carrots.

But if you were eleven years old again and were going to spend a dollar on an after school snack, you probably wouldn’t want to eat carrots. You’d probably choose a Coke or a Snickers bar. These efforts to fight childhood obesity and begin children and adolescents on a healthier course early in life have been backed by legislation. Last year the federal Agriculture Department passed a law to set dietary standards by the end of 2012.

Some complain that the healthier options such as the $3 hummus or the $2 yogurt parfait, are too expensive when compared to the $1 bag of chips or candy bars found in most machines. Still this marks a vast departure from the vending machines of the past. About 6% of the nations vending machines are school vending machines found in high school and middle schools. Another 6% are found in colleges. I would have thought the percentage higher. And with these healthy trends continuing, it may be hard to find vending machines with the junk foods we were used to seeing while growing up.

But if it makes for a healthier nation, so be it.

custom vending machineIf you were in the middle of the SATs and you had ten minutes to get food, you would likely turn to school vending machines to satiate your hunger. But what would you get? Remember you have another two hours of testing. Potato chips? On an empty stomach? No way. A Hershey’s bar? And crash from the sugar low? Nice try.

You need energy. Non-crashable energy. Peanut butter. Snickers.

The gooey caramely, chocolatey delicious nougatey flavors all coalescing in your mouth to give you the pleasure of candy and the energy of a more serious snack…With that thing you can power through the rest of the test with ease.

Other options to consider are: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It doesn’t matter whether you pronounce them “Reesease” or “Reese is,” they’re also packed with energy, though perhaps aren’t as delicious.

And if you don’t like chocolate, and you’re nearby a custom vending machine that has them, peanut butter crackers, the kind with the salt crystals on them, are delicious and hunger satiating.

It all comes down to personal preference. Some of us may not like nougat, some of us may like salty, some may prefer eating their candy as weirdly as possible. Whatever, it’s all made easy with vending in schools.

Coke in Vending Machines

September 19th, 2011 | Posted by DT in custom vending machines - (0 Comments)

vending machinesEvery morning I hear the crack of a Coke can being popped by my cubicle neighbor. Some people like orange juice in the morning, some people like milk, he likes Coke. I look over and jeer at him; we laugh it off. But deep down, I can’t blame him. I know that Coke is a product that will stand the test of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coke exists in vending machines in five hundred years.

Unless they change it a little. Or tax it into oblivion, an idea which Michael Bloomberg and Michelle Obama have kicked around in the past. But I doubt that will happen. Sure, they might make it more “natural” if you can’t taste the difference, but chances are Coke will be in vending machines of the future as it is today.

Back in 1886 it was believed that carbonated water was good for health, which is why Coca-Cola was found in pharmacies and soda fountains. When they tried changing the formula in 1985, to make New Coke in custom vending machines, the backlash was incredible. Southerners especially felt as though part of their regional identity had changed. By the early ’90s when the name changed to Coke II, it was already too late. People preferred their Coca-Cola Classic. This year, they dropped the Classic, because everybody knows there’s only one Coca-Cola.

vending machinesCheetos are a variety of potato chip- a corn chip, really. They are made with corn and cheese and are one of the more individual and delicious styles of chip. Chester Cheetah is the mascot for Cheetos. He speaks in a mid-Atlantic accent. Before Chester was the Cheetos Mouse who spoke the slogan, “Hail Chee-sar.” Pretty cheesy, right? The interpunct, the little dot that existed between Chee and tos, was dropped in the mid aughties. Because of a pork enzyme in these chips, Cheetos are tref. The crunchy ones are fried, the puffed are not, and as a result are less delicious.

Frito-Lay created Cheetos in the late ’40s. Fritos began in the ’30s, when Elmer Doolin paid $100 for the recipe after trying a bag of corn chips while eating lunch in San Antonio. He expanded his business hugely over the next ten years. The original ingredients are corn oil, whole corn, and salt. Today PepsiCo owns Fritos and Frito-Lay after a 1965 merger. Today Fritos corn chips are one of the more original chips you can find in vending machines. The barbecue ones are especially tasty.

Both Cheetos and Fritos are corn snacks, but they are very different from each other. The ingenuity of Americans, such as Mr. Doolin,  contributed to these delicious snacks we find in custom vending machines everywhere.

office vending machinesAn office vending machine is a necessity in a large building. When two o’ clock comes, and the sugars from lunch run out, you feel a crash coming on. Or, if you went out for lunch and you’re locked in a food coma, lethargy weighs on you and work becomes a drag. Nothing perks the two o’ clock employee up like a quick rush of sugar or caffeine. And chances are you have a coffee pot (and some employees may be wary of their caffeine intake, afraid of addiction) so you might as well invest in an office vending machine.

That burst of energy from the chocolatey peanuts in a Snickers bar will allow you to power through to three o’ clock and then, with the end of the day in sight, onwards, onwards, to a late afternoon triumph of finishing work at a record pace, and feeling good like you earned it when the clock strikes five.

Yes, vending machines help boost the office morale. It gives people something to look forward to in the worst part of the day. So, if you don’t have one already, choose an office vending machine to make everything better for your workers.

vending machineI was coming out of a restaurant with my girlfriend in a hip part of town and I saw a custom vending machine. It was filled with bike supplies, spare tubes, patch kits, wrenches and the like. How convenient, I wondered, with so many bikes in this part of town, right under the bridge, surely this bike vending machine gets lots of business. What a great idea. I had never seen a custom vending machine like that before.

That you could put anything in a custom vending machine and watch it sell, goodness willing, really blew my mind. If I had my druthers I’d put literature in custom vending machines. I’d place them in airports and train stations and doctors offices — shorts stories and novels by Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Chekhov. Classics, you know. When you give people too much choice, it’s overwhelming. Give them ten or twenty choices and they can eliminate what they don’t like and choose what they do.

In the meanwhile I guess I’ll be on the lookout for other vending machines, ones that are there for me when I need them. And when I really need them, they’ll be there, because that’s how fate works.If not, I’ll take my business elsewhere, and probably be overwhelmed with choices.

The days of the rickety old school vending machines with a sour apple and a sugar daddies clanging around the insides are long gone at my school. Repairing and restocking my school’s old vending machine was a full time job. I am surprised I didn’t make the switch to the simpler IDS system earlier. IDS showed me how to please parents, teachers and even, students;all while maximizing profits.

My school’s vending machines where not winning any popularity contests with students, parents, or staff. Students complained about seeing the same popular sodas and candy bars sell out instantly. Parents complained about a lack of healthy options. Lastly, teachers complained the students couldn’t get school supplies out of the machines. We had four vending machines all stocked with sodas and candy bars, most of which were unpopular.

IDS listened to us and solved our problem. They eliminated the unpopular snacks and replaced them with healthy options. We used the space we saved getting rid of unpopular foods to find retail slots for school supplies like tape, pens, and scissors. Now my entire school board is happy with the results, and the profits.

IDS listened to my schools problem and tailored an affordable and practical solution, as I am sure they will do for your business.

A sugar low makes me feel glum. Sleepy and lonely and lazy and I think about caffeine but I don’t want palpitations. It strikes about mid-afternoon, siesta-time. But this is America and we don’t have time for siestas. What we do have time for is a quick trip to the office vending machine. A bite of a candy bar and I’m ready to go again, pounding out paperwork and typing with force.

Fortunately, the office vending machine also manifests as vending in schools, as retail vending and in other places as well. If you think your small business could benefit from a vending machine, but you’re unsure about the products that come with it, think about a custom vending machine. Vending machine manufacturers, such as Intelligent Dispensing Solutions are often more than willing to accommodate you when it comes down to it.

Welcome to the Vending Solutions blog! Here we’ll discuss all kinds of vending machine products, as well as anecdotes and idea as to how to make the best use of a custom vending machine. Check back every Monday when we go live with a new post and feel free to leave comments as you feel necessary. We look forward to hearing from you!

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